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Housing Services
Housing Grants and Exchange Locations of Land and Houses

This service allows citizens to obtain housing grants from the government for the purposes of providing adequate housing, as well as replacing the housing grant site with another housing grant site.

Housing Loans

This service allows citizens to obtain housing loans for the purposes of building, buying, maintaining, expanding, demolishing and rebuilding their homes.

Housing Loans Exemptions

This service allows citizens to obtain specific exemptions from paying the value of outstanding housing loans, in accordance with the eligibility conditions and controls set by the Authority.

Residential Lands Purchase

This service allows the citizen of the country to purchase a developed residential land in the Emirate with a ready-made infrastructure to build a house on.

Administrative Services

This service allows citizens to obtain certificates for the administrative services of the housing services listed in his name in the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority system.

Housing Services
Discounts and Bundles

A variety of discounts and bundles of furniture, home appliance , interion design services, landscaping and more.


View Requested Services

This feature allow users to check their applied Applications Status electronically.

Eligibility Questionnaire

This service allows customers to know pre-qualified services.

Loans Calculator

This service will allows the customers to calculate the expected loan value and deductible value.

Loan Details

This service allows the customer to check the loan status electronically

Employee Services

Employee Services

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