The Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA) announced the results of the initial phase of the field survey campaign, which was conducted in collaboration with the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT).

  • A total of 2,694 government-provided housing units were found to be in violation of government-provided housing regulations.
  • A total of 2,595 housing units have corrected their status since the launch of the campaign.
  • Necessary legal measures were taken against 99 housing units.
  • The second phase is scheduled for May, focusing on all government-provided housing units in Abu Dhabi.

The campaign targeted 11,340 government-provided housing units. This initiative reflects ADHA’s dedication to aligning with the Abu Dhabi Government’s vision, aiming to establish sustainable and inclusive residential communities that enhance social well-being and strengthen family bonds within society.

The results of the extensive campaign spanning various areas in Abu Dhabi revealed that 2,694 housing units were in violation of government-provided housing regulations. Among these, 1,552 were situated in Abu Dhabi city, 1,009 in Al Ain city and 133 in the Al Dhafra region.

Since the initiation of the campaign, 2,595 housing units have corrected their status, while 99 housing units have failed to address their violations within the stipulated warning period.

In cooperation with ADHA and in coordination with relevant government entities, DMT has taken requisite legal measures against 99 housing units that have not corrected their status or adhered to established procedures and regulations.

ADHA emphasises its commitment to delivering adequate and sustainable housing solutions that cater to the unique needs of Abu Dhabi’s citizens. It actively enforces compliance with regulations governing the utilisation of housing units, closely monitoring their occupancy. Furthermore, the ADHA is committed to providing maintenance solutions to uphold overall conditions of housing, aligning with the Government of Abu Dhabi’s objectives to foster vibrant residential communities that prioritise public safety and provide a favourable environment.

ADHA has confirmed that the ongoing inspection of houses have resolved previously identified issues, ensuring adherence to the rules and regulations in regard to government-built houses. In cases where violations persist, it will promptly implement appropriate legal procedures and measures without prior notice.


The Second Phase of the Campaign

Furthermore, DMT announced its intention to initiate the second phase of its inspection campaign in May. This upcoming phase will concentrate on all government-provided housing units within the Emirate.

The collaborative campaign conducted by the ADHA in partnership with the DMT adheres to the regulations outlined in Law No. 8 of 2019 concerning the Regulation of Occupancy of Properties and Residential Units in Abu Dhabi. The primary goal of this campaign is to raise community awareness on the negative repercussions of leaving housing units unused or repurposing them for unintended purposes. Additionally, it seeks to educate individuals on regulations, prerequisites, and penalties pertaining to renting housing grants. Moreover, the campaign promotes active community participation in addressing these cases, given their detrimental social and environmental consequences.

Update On

15 Mar 2024

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